I also produce design work and pieces for advertising and product promotions. This is a full service from concept through to build, delivery and set up.  I cater for all types of projects from small individual gifts onto much larger freestanding displays for promotional events.

Along with sketching I also use 3d cad renders for visualisations. These run hand in hand with the mechanical design process. Referring to sketches and the mechanical needs and restrictions, basic 3d cad models can be produced. These are not yet fully formed designs but can show, with some level of certainty, the final direction that a product may take.

At this stage I develop construction ideas for a product plus how it might be assembled and also play with materials and surface finishes. Rendering software allows me to make changes easily, enabling various options to be shown to a client.

Product Design

With over 25 years engineering experience covering all aspects including design, manufacture, production and maintenance I am ideally qualified to help with your next project.

I have a strong hands on approach to problem solving and design thanks to a toolmaking apprenticeship plus time working as a field based installations engineer in the print and packaging industry.  During this early period of my career I gained essential skills in the design and production of precision components, whilst learning how to work well under pressure.

Being at the sharp end of product production throughout my career has taught me the importance of good design.  Ensuring that from day one products are designed for ease of manufacture, assembly and importantly making it easy to service and maintain. Every step saving time and money.​​

Tools used

  • Official Solidworks​ 2019 user
  • Solidworks Visualize
  • ProCreate
  • ​Photoshop
  • ​Microsoft Suite

Advertising & Promotion

Dave Clark Designs

Industrial Design

​​​​This is where I look at the form and function of a product in order to optimize its performance.  Specifically looking at its appearance and importantly it's usability - ie, aesthetics and ergonomics.  Generally speaking this is done before and separately to, design for manufacture, however, with my strong manufacturing background I look at these two areas at the same time.  

At this stage freehand sketching, whether its simple biro or marker, helps initial ideas be explored relatively quickly.​  Here I am constantly thinking of how each pen stroke is likely to be manufactured, trying to ensure that any ideas presented have already had manufacture considered.

Contact me to discuss the details of your project further.

​Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Toolmaking and Parts Machining
  • Model Making and Prototyping
  • Freehand Sketching and Rendering
  • High Resolution Photo Realistic Rendering
  • ​Photoshopping

For many projects I can also produce and test prototypes and even help with limited number production runs. As well as my own facilities, I have several engineering partners who I work with on various projects enabling me to provide a complete solution.

​​​​​​Engineered Art and Product Design

Mechanical Engineering

Prototyping & Production