​​For as long I can remember I only ever wanted to be a designer.  Always investigating things and asking “How?” and “Why?”.  So from an early age I was sketching my own ideas and making them from whatever I could find in father's shed.

This passion led to a toolmaking apprenticeship with a local company in order to gain a position within its drawing office.  This was the best foundation possible for me as a designer.  I believe in a hands-on approach and understanding of how something, you’re designing, is actually produced.

During my extensive design career I have always been both Mechanical Design Engineer and Industrial Designer.  Believing the ability to understand aesthetics, ergonomics and manufacturing to be a huge advantage.  Thinking of these 3 aspects at every stage in the process undoubtedly helps me to identify, communicate and solve problems early.  In turn saving time and money.

I have worked for various industries including Industrial Machinery, Architectural and Amenity Lighting, Consumer Products and Bespoke Furniture. I think that working across such a varied range of businesses has made me a better all round problem solver, communicator, engineer and designer.

In 2009 I took this experience and started Dave Clark Designs.  Since then I have worked for various clients including Entrepreneurs, Consultancies, Manufacturers and more recently in Vehicle and Prop Design for TV & Film Production.

Now celebrating 14 years of DCD, my enthusiasm and drive for innovation continues. I look forward, more than ever, to the next 14 years of creativity and problem solving.