Detailed Design

Once a concept has gained approval, I move onto detailed engineering design. I'm now in the world of accurate dimensions and material choices.

Concept Design

​My 30 years experience as a industrial designer and design engineer, mean I'm able provide exciting concept ideas with the benefit of proven engineering and production knowledge.

​​Providing Vehicle Design and Engineering Support
For TV & Movie Productions

Manufacturing and Build

Once the detailed design has gained approval, all 3d data and drawings are produced then issued for manufacture.  Parts and assemblies will now be made by the Action Vehicles department, Props and outside suppliers.  Various materials and techniques are used from the traditional to the more advanced to bring the vehicle to life, ready for filming.

In recent years I have been involved with various exciting projects for TV and Film, including the Mission Impossible and Terminator franchises as part of Graham Kelly's GK Evolutions. I've provided vehicle design and build support during all stages from concept design in pre-production.

We know that any type of vehicle is a complex piece of engineering, where more often that not a series of fundamental rules need to be carefully considered when creating a concept.  So one service I provide is to help concept artists by giving engineering support. The aim is aid their creativity by giving them feedback and data to perfect ideas. 

As a vehicle designer and engineer I work to provide the very best design solutions by supporting the creative process with proven engineering principles.  Feeding data to and from all departments, providing a central source of information to everyone. Naturally helping to project manage and help avoid miscommunication in a business where schedules are ever changing and time is key.

​​I can help with everything from conceptual artwork to fully engineered cad data plus hands on support and assistance during each stage of the build.  Whether it's modifications to something existing or a completely new build for a project set in the past, present or future, I'm here to help. 

As industrial designer and mechanical design engineer with an avid passion for film and vehicle design, I relish each project and enjoy working across all departments to bring a vision to life.