Dave Clark Designs

Engineered Art and Product Design

Bespoke Stair Cases.

Available in a range of materials, finishes and styles our staircases will help to make a unique and bold statement.


Contemporary chairs coming soon for lounge and dining.  

Outside Seating.

Seating for home and business gardens, designed bespoke to your requirements.  


Contemporary tables coming soon for lounge and dining.  

Garden and Driveway Gates.

Our gates are fully bespoke and available in a range of materials and finishes.

They are perfect to paint a picture or tell a story for both homes and businesses.

House & Garden

Building renovation and restyling has never been more popular and we able design and produce bespoke pieces for any part of the project.

From stylish furniture and staircases to outside seating for all seasons, our design and engineering skills can provide exactly what your home or business needs.

Contact us for more details.