Bare Block Tables- from £495 - £1,995*

Previously Commissioned Tables and Desks.

Wheel Tables- from £595* - £1,995*

Automotive Tables

Exposed PistonTables- from £595 - £1,995*

Our tables are more than just simply glass on metal but specifically designed to be well engineered and sculptural pieces.

They are perfect for Dens, Dealerships, Offices and Auto Themed Businesses being both decorative and fully functional.

Our tables come as standard in three versions, Bare Block, Exposed Pistons and Wheels but are designed completely bespoke for customers. You work with us and chose the manufacturer, materials and style. We do the rest.

We also produce bespoke desks for clients searching for something special to create an incredible office space.

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Dave Clark Designs

Engineered Art and Product Design