Dave Clark Designs

Engineered Art and Product Design

Originally from Welwyn Garden City Dave only ever wanted to be a designer, always investigating things and always asking “How” and “Why”.  Soon he was taking things apart to see how they worked and coming up with his own ideas and making them from whatever he could find.

This passion never went away and lead to a toolmaking apprenticeship and a job within an injection moulder’s drawing office.  Dave will often say this was the best foundation possible for him as a designer.  “I believe in a hands-on understanding of how something, you’re designing, needs be made – and if you can actually make it yourself, then even better”

During his extensive design career Dave has always been both Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Designer.  Saying the ability to think about aesthetics, ergonomics and how the product will be engineered and produced is critical “Thinking of all 3 at a very early stage undoubtedly helps to identify and solve problems, in turn saving time and money”

Dave has worked across a varied range of industries which have included Industrial Printing, Architectural Lighting, Baby Buggies, Automated Production and Furniture.  “I was conscious that the more industries I worked in and the more challenges I faced, the better a designer I would become”

Dave took this experience and in 2009 started his own company - Dave Clark Designs.  Working for various clients from Entrepreneurs, Consultancies, Manufacturers and more recently for Advertising, Vehicle Design and Film Production.

As well as his passion for good product design Dave also harbours a love for cars, he’s a real petrol head.  Since the start the DCD he has been producing his own range of auto themed bespoke sculptures and furniture. He says “It gets me close to some of the most incredible cars ever made and working for clients who share the same passion. I get to indulge my artistic side, allowing me to be purely selfish – It’s great!”

About Dave Clark